Wednesday, December 19, 2012

...Peacock Window artist Caulbearer receiving some love from overseas...

...Caulbearer is honored and humbled to have been included in a 'Best of 2012' list by Indie Rock Mag, which operates across the pond in France...Astoundingly, we've come in at number 3!...Thanking anyone from the bottom of our hearts who listened to Caulbearer's music or purchased an album in physical/digital format...Here's the list for your viewing pleasure and if you still haven't given our album a listen or have been on the verge of purchasing it, go ahead and do so now!...

1. Chris Weeks: A Haunting Sun
2. Vertonen & At Jennie Richie : Leaving Ocean For Land
3.  Caulbearer: Haunts
4. Adrian Anioł : Arrhythmia OST
5. From The Mouth Of The Sun : Woven Tide
6. Crowhurst: No Life To Live
7. Windy & Carl : We Will Always Be
8. The Boats : Ballads Of The Research Department
9. Chicago Underground Duo : Age Of Energy
10. The Cliff Dweller: Emerald City
11. Greg Haines : Digressions
12. Badun : s.o.t.s
13. Frank Riggio : Psychexcess I - Presentism
14. Black Swan (Drones For The Bleeding Hearts): Aeterna
15. Witxes: Sorcery/Geography
16. Valgeir Sigurðsson : Architecture Of Loss
17. Aidan Baker: The Spectrum Of Distraction
18. Spam Filter : Your Life, Life-Teeming
19. JK Flesh : Posthuman
20. Dictaphone: Poems From A Rooftop
21. Evan Caminiti: Dreamless Sleep
22. Pillowdiver : Frozen Soundtracks
23. Tape Loop Orchestra : The Word On My Lips Is Your Name / The Burnley Brass Band Plays On My Heart
24. Flying Lotus : Until The Quiet Comes
25. Oren Ambarchi : Sagittarian Domain
26. Christ. : Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack
27. Radere : I'll Make You Quiet
28. Scythling : Smokefall
29. Listening Mirror: Resting in Aspic
30. ULNA : Ligment

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