Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caulbearer Sticker

...Worshippers of the Caul...

We've got a batch of Caulbearer stickers we'd love to send out to you...They'd look perfect on your gear, computer, bumper, local mailbox or stop sign, etc...

Stickers are free if you send a SASE to the following address:

501 E. Stassney Ln.
Austin, TX 78745

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peacock Window release #1 - Caulbearer 'Haunts' PW01

...Peacock Window Recordings is proud to announce that the first release for the label will be the group Caulbearer and their debut album 'Haunts'...Ethereal Noise for this life and the next...Luscious, mind-melting ambient/noise/drone from New Mexico/Texas...Manipulated guitar soundscapes and field recordings that touch upon decaying ephemeral beauty before slowly evolving into powerful walls of sound that approach HNW levels, but never devolve into complete and total noise overload...For fans of William Fowler Collins, some of the noisier bits of Tim Hecker and Yellow Swans...Mastered by James Plotkin...

...Caulbearer 'Haunts' is available in a gorgeous 4-panel digi-pack with artwork created by the band members...$10.00 + $3.00 shipping/handling for the total cost of $13.00 within the United States. Money can be sent via Paypal to adaibloom(at)hotmail(dot)com (Overseas inquiries please email for shipping information.)

...Each album is sent within a protective sleeve with a Caulbearer sticker. In addition to this, a code to download the digital album will immediately be sent to you upon receipt of payment. Quantities limited to 100 copies so be sure to act fast and secure your copy of this amazing album!